To arrange a TiH competition

It is fun to arrange and to ride a TiH competition! The more competitions held, the more activity and publicity can we create around TiH – and thus around a horsefriendly sport. All TiH competitions shall follow the FEIF code of conduct. Young riders up to 15 years old can have the TiH program read to them while performing the test, if they so wish.

If you are about to arrange a TiH competition, we prefer that two certified TiH judges are judging. The judges may judge separately, or together, as they prefer. If you by any reason only have the possibility to engage one judge, please contact Malin Schön: to get a formal exemption.

If only one judge is judging, we strongly recommend that an instructor and/or sport judge is supporting the judge, to encourage good and interesting discussions.

The TiH association is primarily recommending those judges having participated in the TiH education seminars (marked separately on the list above).

One secretary per judge is taking notes of comments and points.
We have learnt that some organizers sometimes feel that it is time consuming but also sensitive due to weather conditions in outdoor events to mark the lines of the riding program upon organizing competitions.
Therefore, the board of TiH has decided that the marked lines no longer are mandatory, although highly recommended. 
However, if an organizer decides not to use marked lines for the riding programs, normal markings (letters, mobile or stationary) of the paddock/riding hall must be used.
For the 14 or 18 meter circles in level 1, as well as the 8 meter circle in level 2 and 3, cones could be used for markings.
We do also recommend that special markings for the circles, used in paddocks/riding halls, should be used.

Below you find documents describing how Tölt in Harmony is carried out.



The judge guidelines, is wise to read also as a rider, to get a picture of what the judges want to see in the performance: Guidelines_june14

Score sheet: Tölt in Harmony Judgement Score Sheet



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