TiH board

Are you interested in TiH activities in your country? Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone from the board or the contact person for your country which are found here: https://toltinharmony.wordpress.com/tihinternational/education-seminar-contact/


The TiH board

Denni Hauksson (Chairman of the board): +46 (0)157-210 61, or: info@iaodenni.nu

Kia Holmquist (Vice Chairman of the board): +46 (0)70-750 88 68, or: kia@frami.se

Malin Schön (Member of the board): +46 (0)73-971 19 25, or: malin@malinweb.se

Ia Lindholm (Member of the board): +46 (0)157-210 61, or: info@iaodenni.nu

Lena Lennartsson (Member of the board): lena@landsbergaislandshastar.se

Kicki Flank Elffors (Secretary of the board): +46 (0)70-3120465, or: kicki.flank@outlook.com

Karin Westerlund (Treasurer of the board): karin@westerlund.org

Åsa William (Deputy member of the board): asa.william@telia.com




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