After six years, the TiH organisation finally reached its primary goal last spring: FEIF took over the TiH concept. FEIF decided to change the name into ”Figures”. We find the takeover to be absolutely fantastic!

Now we hope and wish that many courses, clinics and competitions in the Figures tests will be arranged all over the world. Figures is great fun for riders also on an early stage in their education. It allows riders to reach high marks even on Level 1 (the most simple one), since the criterias are lower on a low level. As the levels rise, so does the criterias. Figures is an excellent test for winter competitions, since it is perfect to perform in indoor riding halls.

We might post some updates on the TiH Facebook page in the future, but this is the last post on TiH’s website. The TiH homepage will still remain open, there you can find all specially educated instructors and judges. However please note that it will not be kept updated. On the homepage you will find documents in Swedish, English and some other languages.
Here we have gathered the important links, that is still useful for riders and those arranging Figures competitions:

Rules & Program descriptions:

Link to FEIF TiH instructor level 1:

Link to FEIF TiH instructor level 1 – 3

Link to FEIF Figures Judges (former TiH):

Link to FEIF Judges:
The list of TiH certified judges does not include the FEIF International Judges, as they are already listed separately on the FEIF website. The reason is that FEIF does not issue the International license on a test-by-test basis so it was decided it would be strange to list some but not all FEIF judges. We also did not want to add names to the list of those FEIF judges who did not attend a TiH seminar.

A great and sincere thanks to all of you who has been members of the TiH organisation during those years. Through your fees we have been able to travel to FEIF-meetings and present the concept of TiH. In addition, there was almost 1 440 Euro (almost 16 000 SEK) in remaining assets, which the TiH organisation has handed over to FEIF. TiH never has had any administrative costs, and all our meetings have taken place over the phone.

Also many thanks to those of you who have arranged TiH Education Seminars in many countries. Your effort has led to that we today have many specially trained TiH instructors and judges across the world.
Below is the list of people who has supported TiH during the years. With so many people, it is easy to loose some names. We appologize if this has happened here – all of you who has been with us during the years are worth a lot to us!

A great thanks to those of you who supported TiH in the early beginning (before we even had an organisation): Katarina Söderlund, Irja Hjort, Karin Westerlund, Kia Holmquist, Ishestnews, Elin Kämpeback, Anna Josephsson, Ante Eklund, Ulrika Wendeus, Louise Lindberg, Boel Lindberg, Åsa Kärrman, Susanne Sjöström, Ylva Jonason Armfelt, Agersta Ridcenter, Jessica Eriksson, Raudhetta Islandshästar, Åse Ericsons Islandshästar, Tove Pahlman and Agneta Rolf.

A huge thanks for all unpaid hours and efforts to all of us in the board of TiH and to those who has been managing the regions.

An even bigger thanks to the family of Reynir Adalsteinsson, who has stood by our side during the whole time.


Photo at Reynir ❤️ Maike Morbach

And of course thanks to FEIF, which together with the board of TiH, made this happen! A special thanks to Doug! And a special thanks to Susanne Fröhlich, FEIF office, who is absolutely fantastic and answered correctly, nice and very fast on all our questions the last six years!

Below is the list of more people who has supported TiH during the years:

Working team in Iceland: Jens Einarsson, Trausti Þór Guðmundsson, Sigurður Sæmundsson, Anton Níelsson, Ólafur Andri Guðmundsson, Eyjólfur Ísólfsson, Sigurður Sigurðarson, Hinrik Bragason, Mette Moe Mannseth, Hulda Gústafsdóttir, Gústaf Hinriksson, Magnús Lárusson, Benedikt Líndal and Pjetur Pjetursson.

TiH, Sweden: Denni Bergmann Hauksson, Kia Holmquist, Christina Elffors Flank, Karin Westerlund, Lena Lennartsson, Ia Lindholm, Gunilla Lindgren, Malin Schön, Åsa Williams, Jonas Bring, Thomas Manske, Ulrika Backan, Anna-Lena Berg, Malin Stang, Beatrice Stensson, Åsa Strandberg and Åse Ericson.

Teatcher TiH ES: Trausti Þór Guðmundsson, Lena Lennartsson, Marlise Grim and Ia Lindholm.

And: Gunnar Sturluson, FEIF president, Doug Smith, FEIF vice president and earlier sport, Gundula Sharman FEIF youth, Silke Feuchthofen FEIF education, Thorgeir Gudlaugsson FEIF sport, Pether Markne Falsterbo, Anna Björnsson Falsterbo, Lisa Silverberg Falsterbo, Annika Grönkvist the loggo maker, Claes Zetterqvist, Rúnar Thór Gudbrandsson, Steindor Gudmundsson, Súsanna Sand Ólafsdóttir chairman FT, Herdís Reynisdóttir, Fi Pugh, Reynir Örn Pálmason, Jacob Svavar Sigurdsson, Fredrik Rydström, Johan Häggberg, Madelen Johansson, Johanna Asplund, Anne Fornstedt, Jenny Mandal, Camilla Hed, Ulf Waldekrantz New Elemant, Åsa Myrsten Klisterdekaler, Heimir Gunnarsson, Thorvaldur Kristjánsson, Ingborg Holm, Karin Hassing, Jóhann Rúnar Skúlason and Einar Öder Magnusson.

All the best,
The former board of TiH

Behind the computer,
Ia Lindholm

Feif to take over TiH

We are proud and happy to inform that Feif last week decided to incorporate TiH into the Feif Rules and Regulations and to immediately take over the responsibility for the diciplin. This has been a goal for TiH from the start and we are proud and happy that it now is a fact. This means that the previous TiH organization is shutting down its operations. It is with great joy we now hand over TiH and we wish Tölt in Harmony a great future within Feif!

Thank you all friends of TiH for a great journey – it’s been a pleasure.

// The board of Tölt in Harmony

New instructors in the Netherlands

The Netherlands continues to educate new TiH instructors. This year TiH will be an official test at the FEIF Youth Cup, which requires a lot of training for the participating teams and countries. That’s why it’s so great that new instructors keep coming.

An updated list of all approved instructors (and judges) in the Netherlands are now available on the international pages. We congratulate and welcome them all!

Årsmöte i TiH 28/2

Medlemmarna i föreningen Tölt in Harmony kallas här till ordinarie årsmöte.

Tid: Onsdag 28 februari 2018 kl 20.00

Plats: Telefonmöte -Ring upp mötesnumret nedan och ange mötes-ID:t när du uppmanas att göra det: Mötesnummer:+46104564001, mötes-ID: 61245#

På förra årsmötet beslutades att fortsätta arbeta med integration med FEIF och att avveckla föreningen om FEIF vill ta över. Arbetet har fortsatt och vi väntar nu besked från FEIF. Styrelsen anser att TiH som förening enligt sina nuvarande stadgar inte kan drivas vidare utan föreslår att nuvarande styrelse (väljs om) och får i uppgift att avveckla föreningen om FEIF tar över alternativt kalla till extra stämma för stadgeändring om så inte sker.

1. Godkännande av dagordning
2. Val av ordförande för mötet
3. Val av sekreterare för mötet
4. Val av två personer att justera protokollet tillika rösträknare
5. Fastställande av röstlängd
6. Årsmötets behöriga utlysande
7. Verksamhetsberättelse och ekonomisk berättelse
8. Revisionsberättelse och fastställande av balansräkning- och resultaträkning
9. Frågan om ansvarsfrihet för avgående styrelse
10. Information om arbetet med integrationen med FEIF
11. Behandling av inkomna motioner och styrelsens förslag. Förslag att sittande styrelsen väljs om och får i uppdrag att avveckla föreningen om FEIF tar över alternativt kalla till extra stämma för stadgeändring om så inte sker.
12. Fastställande av årsavgiften – förslag att ingen avgift tas ut för 2018
13. Val av föreningens ordförande (1 år)
14. Val av övriga styrelseledamöter
o Vice ordf (2 år – Kia Holmquist 1 år kvar)
o Sekreterare (1 år)
o Kassör (2 år – Karin Westerlund 1 år kvar)
o Ledamot (1 år)
o Ledamot (2 år)
o Ledamot (1 år)
15. Val av suppleanter
o Suppleant (2 år – Åsa William 1 år kvar)
16. Val av revisor
17. Val av valberedning
18. Övriga frågor
19. Mötets avslutande

Varmt välkomna hälsar styrelsen för Tölt in Harmony!

Lines no longer mandatory

We have learnt that some organizers sometimes feel that it is time consuming but also sensitive due to weather conditions in outdoor events to mark the lines of the riding program upon organizing competitions.
Therefore, the board of TiH has decided that the marked lines no longer are mandatory, although highly recommended.
However, if an organizer decides not to use marked lines for the riding programs, normal markings (letters, mobile or stationary) of the paddock/riding hall must be used.
For the 14 or 18 meter circles in level 1, as well as the 8 meter circle in level 2 and 3, cones could be used for markings.
We do also recommend that special markings for the circles, used in paddocks/riding halls, should be used. 

Enjoy your TiH riding 😀

Kurs och tävling i Mönsterås 3-4/6

Lördagen den 3 juni bjuder vi in till kursdag med godkända B-tränaren och Tölt in Harmony-instruktören Åsa Strandberg.  Teori kring Tölt in Harmony, ett ridpass och programridning ingår.

Pris: 700 SEK. Egen lunch medtages.
Anmälan är bindande och sker till jennyhedman@telia.com.

Välkomna till vår första Tölt in Harmony-tävling. Tävlingen ses som en officiell Tölt in Harmony-tävling med godkänd domare och rids efter reglerna som ni hittar här: https://toltinharmony.wordpress.com/. Alla renrasiga och registrerade islandshästar är välkomna. Vaccinationsintyg, ryttarförsäkran och hästpass uppvisas vid incheckning. Ingen ryttarlicens behövs dock.
Var: Häradsvallen, Mönsterås (20×40 meter)
Grenar: Tölt in Harmony nivå 1, nivå 2 samt nivå 3, ungdom samt vuxen.
Anmälningsavgift: 200 kronor samt 100 kronor i grenavgift.
Max antal deltagare: 30 ekipage
Anmälan och betalning sker via icesale.se. Sista anmälningsdag är den 18 maj.

Läs mer på https://www.facebook.com/events/1040161309450315/


Ny regionsansvarig Öst

Beatrice Stensson är numera ansvarig för region öst. Hennes kontaktuppgifter hittar du under fliken Regioner. Malin Stang, Stockholm tar samtidigt rollen som sammankallande för regionerna. Vilken tur att vi har duktiga och drivna människor som vill jobba med TiH på sin fritid!